Pyma Rattery

Formerly Pymatuning Valley Rattery. 15 years experience.

Located in Conneaut, Ohio. Focusing on health and temperament.

Pyma Rattery is located in northeast, Ohio near Lake Erie and the PA line.

Conneaut, Ohio 44030

With over 10 years of experience, Pyma Rattery provides healthy rats with great temperaments. Once serving the area under the prefix PVR (Pymatuning Valley Rattery), Pyma Rattery is a trusted name with a great reputation.

Throughout the years 2016 and 2017, the rattery has been experimenting with a complete overhaul of adoption processes and breeding methods. More recently a shift has occurred with Facebook becoming the primary form of updating and communication. Many changes have occurred which are not yet reflected on the website. The website will be updated slowly throughout the beginning of the new year (2018).

For up to date information and frequent updates, please like our page on Facebook at the link below. 

PYMA Rats tested negative for Seoul virus in 2016 and has opted to not bring in any new rats for the foreseeable future. 
CDC Outbreak Page
Rat Guide Seoul PDF

Pyma Rattery

Focusing on temperament and health with a bigger emphasis on temperament than ever before! 

Specializing in Russian and American Blue, marked rats, and martens, Silvermane is also becoming one of our best lines.

Marble, Essex, and Downunder not yet available to the public due to poor temperament or health issues.

Rex, Hairless, Satin, Harley, and Standard Coats. Dumbos and Standard ears.

~ Dwarf rats in American Blue and Burmese available on a limited basis. ~

Please check out the Facebook Page  for more frequent updates, pictures, videos, and rattie related shenanigans!

News and Announcements

Fall 2017:

We are plugging away at improving temperament on several varieties that are not yet available to the public, including Essex and Downunder. 

December 2017: 

Welcoming PYMA Nubs, the first manx rat ever produced at the rattery! Despite trying to breed manx rats in the past, and other breeders getting manx rats out of rats they've gotten from PYMA, we have never had a manx rat born here. PYMA Numbs was born Dec 6, 2017 from PYMA Echo x PYMA Hendrix. We were not trying to produce manx so this little guy comes as a complete surprise. :)

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