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When making a decision to adopt a rat, whether you are experienced at rat ownership or new to the world of rats, it is important to take note of several factors.

Firstly, if you adopt a rat from a breeder, you are making a decision to adopt a well-socialized, selectively bred animal free from disease. Adoption fees will likely be higher, travel may be required, and you will ultimately put more effort forth. However, the general consensus in within the rat fancy confirms that every bit of that effort is worth it. 

Other options for adopting are just as viable and may be more right for you. You can adopt a rat from a rescue, which also may require travel time and more expenses. However, this may be the most rewarding type of pet adoption.

There is also nothing wrong with buying a rat from a petstore, they make just as good of pets as any other rat. However, please remember, that most rats located at pet stores are either mass bred for feeders, or produced to ship to different chain stores (in the case of Petsmart, Petco, etc). These rats are not bred with health and temperament in mind. At smaller pet stores you will likely only find rats bred as feeders, or from backyard breeders. The downsides to petstores include: lack of socialization, sickness and disease, and higher risk for health problems later in the life including cancers, tumors, and respiratory issues.

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