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Formerly Pymatuning Valley Rattery. 15 years experience.

Adopting from PYMA

If you wish to adopt a rat from PYMA Rattery, you've landed in the right place. This is where you should begin. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, but i've tried to lay out all of my policies on this page.

You must fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION. I reserve the right to refuse adoption for any reason, but nine times out of ten I will not refuse before making suggestions as to how you can be accepted. You must provide proper housing and diet. At this time I DO NOT SHIP - but I will begin offering shipping in 2017 (after a big move is completed and we are all settled). You must be able to pick up your rats unless you are adopting many rats and are prepared to spend the money on shipment. Please do not reserve rats unless you will be able to arrange proper transport.

I will drive to meet within reason up to 30 miles. Any additional mileage must be arranged upon RESERVATION of the rats and may incur a fee. I will drive up to 2 hours, but I will expect to be compensated for my time and gas. I much prefer the rats be picked up directly from me, as nearest to my home as possible.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2016: I will no longer be keeping a formal waiting list. I will still be keeping track of who contacts me, but not necessarily what order. This is due to several reasons: 1) I have had a lot of adoption inquiries lately, almost too many to keep up with. 2) People don't always wait the time in between litters and it makes it really hard when it comes time to reserve the rats, which leads me to 3) People are not responding or taking too long to respond when it is their turn to pick their reservations. I try to wait several days to give them a chance, especially if they've been in close contact throughout the wait period. This has not been working out too well lately. Thus, the waiting list will now be a simple "mailing list." I will send out an email when I have babies ready to be reserved and they will be first come, first serve. I do realize this may cause additional problems with people wanting the same rats. I will reserve the rats to the first person who sent an email AND a deposit. 

You still must fill out the adoption application, found below.

Fees Effective January 1, 2014:
Single Rat: $25
Same-Sex Pair: $40
Manx Rat: $75
Rescues are always $10 each, $15 a pair.
Rats over 6 months of age will have a reduced adoption fee.

Fees Effective January 1, 2016
Single Rat: $25
Same-Sex Pair: $40 (pet only)
-- with the exception of --
Manx: $75
Harley: $50 (pet only)
Dwarf: $35 (pet only)
Dwarf Breeder: $40 dwarf, dwarf carrier $30
Marten Rats: $35 (pet only), $50 Breeders

Breeding quality rats are sold for breeding at my discretion. I will not sell a rat on a breeding contract that I do not consider breeding quality. Fees for rats of breeding quality may vary, but a discount for multiples will be applied at my discretion. Please be honest if you plan on adopting the rat for breeding. I, as a breeder, reserve the right to only disclose pedigrees to adopters who are adopting breeding quality rats on a breeding contract. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to pet-only adopters, this is to deter people from breeding rats placed as pet-only. NARR Registration information of course will be available to all adopters who hold a membership, but please do not abuse this service. 

As of right now there are NO contracts for most of my rats. HOWEVER... 
By adopting from PYMA Rattery you have agreed to a pet-only adoption. Rats are not to be bred without a contract. You also agree to provide proper caging (no tanks), proper bedding (no pine or cedar), appropriate vet care, and adequate out of cage time. By adopting from the rattery you agree to return any adopted rats to PYMA rattery, at your expense, should you be unable to provide proper care. 

You may not breed PYMA rats without a contract. There are two exceptions to the above rule, indicated below.

Some of my harley lines will be on contract with the breeder I got them from. This means *I* am legally unable to sell harley coated rats or carriers to other breeders until my contract is up. I adopted harley rats from THREE different breeders to start my line, two of the breeders did not require a contract, the one did. These rats will largely be mixed and matched to start my lines. To make this simple for me and avoid any chance of getting mixed up and accidentally breaking my contract ALL Harley coats, and all harley carriers, will thus be sold on a pet-only contract, signed by the adopter at time of adoption. 

Dwarf rats and dwarf carriers will be sold with pet-only contracts. If you wish to breed dwarf rats from me we will discuss and you will sign a breeding contract. I reserve the right to refuse to sell any rat on a breeding contract.

14-Day Health Guarantee:
PYMA Rats are Guaranteed healthy for 14 days post adoption. This guarantee becomes void if you have recently (within the last six months) brought other rats into your home and/or if there is reason to believe proper quarantine was not implemented.

As of January 27, 2014
PYMA Rattery Adoption Deposit Policy:
  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required upon reservation.
  • I will not hold or reserve a rat without a pending deposit. 
  • Deposits must be sent via PayPal to pymarats @ (if you do not have a PayPal account, contact me).
  • The deposits will be deducted from the total adoption fee, it is not an additional charge.
  • Please do not reserve rats unless you are serious about adopting them.
  • If you have already adopted from me in the past, you do not need to pay a deposit for future reservations.
  • The one and only exception to the nonrefundable deposit is if something happens to the rat in my care or if for any reason the rat is no longer available/adoptable. I will then refund you in full.
  • Rats MUST be picked up by 12 weeks of age. A rat not picked up by this time will be put back up for adoption and you will lose your deposit.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy bruxing! 

Adoption Application

Feel free to email me directly for a copy/paste or docx version of the application.
PLEASE EMAIL PYMA RATS @ YAHOO DOT COM (no spaces) IF YOU DO NOT GET A RESPONSE! I am working on a docx version of the application as well as a version that can be copied/pasted. This form is not working properly most of the time.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rat from Pyma Rattery. We will review your application and you will receive a response in 3-5 days. If you do not hear from us within that timeframe, please email [email protected] directly.
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Please note - you will not be able to adopt a PYMA rat without filling out the above application, unless you have adopted from Pyma, or Pymatuning Valley Rattery, in the past. If you are a new breeder, please be willing to provide at least two breeder references, or be willing to discuss mentoring by myself or another breeder. Also, specifying a specific type, litter, or available rat in the above application does not guarantee the availability of that rat, that particular type, or a rat from that particular litter. Please understand that nothing is ever certain in the rat breeding world and there may be others ahead of you on the waiting list, as it is first come, first serve. Thank you and happy bruxing! 

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