Pyma Rattery

Formerly Pymatuning Valley Rattery. 15 years experience.

Agora & Uno

PYMA Agora & PYMA Uno had 12 babies on January 10, 2016. There are 7 girls and 5 boys. Looks like we got some surprises, including mink and RED based babies and a lot of white markings. Temperament is developing very nicely so far. All  babies will carry AB and Hairless.

Female American Blue Agouti Berkshire

Reserved for MAP Rattery 

Female Black Berkshire Rex


Female Mink Varieberk Hairless


Female American Blue? Patched Hairless

Keeping PYMA Zeeva

Female Fawn? Patched Hairless

Reserved for Grace

Female Cinnamon Split-Cap Hairless Dumbo


Female Mismarked BEW Rex

Keeping PYMA Wooly Bear

Male Agouti Masked Hairless? Dumbo


Male Agouti Patched  Rex

Reserved for Nisa

Male American Blue Berkshire 

Keeping PYMA Cyan

Male Mink Berkshire Hairless

Reserved for Tara

Male Black Berkshire Rex

Reserved for Nisa

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