Pyma Rattery

Formerly Pymatuning Valley Rattery. 15 years experience.


PYMA Rattery Bucks

Here you will find information on all of the boys here at PYMA. Some boys are pet only, and others are potential or established breeding bucks. Check their individual pages for more information.


Wheaton Burmese Self Dumbo Dwarf

PYMA Lupin 

Agouti Self Silvermane

(Carrying Mink)

PYMA Bones

Black Eyed White

Temperament 8

PYMA Lindor

Agouti Varieberk Rex

Carrying AB and Mink

PYMA Ospery

Black Marble Irish Dumbo


American Blue Berkshire

Carries RED, Harley

PYMA Squid

Agouti Masked Hairless Dumbo

Temperament 8

PYMA Squirrel

Russian Blue Varieberk w/Headspot

Temperament 9

Carries RED/Dumbo


Red Eyed Siamese Rex Dumbo

Carrying Satin

Temperament 7.5

PYMA Norman

Black Self Black Eyed Marten Satin Coat

Temperament 5

PYMA Rubeus

Black Self Silvermane Dumbo

Temperament 7


Russian Blue RE Marten Dumbo

Temperament 8

PYMA Pistachio

Russian Blue Essex Dumbo

PYMA Hendrix

Black Variegated Marble Downunder

PYMA Rasputin 

BE Black Marten Harley Dumbo

PYMA River

American Blue Self Dumbo

(carries dwarf/siamese)

Temperament 6.5

PYMA Streak

Black Variegated Downunder Dumbo

Temperament 8

PYMA Mousekateer

Russian Blue Agouti Self

Temperament 9


Russian Blue Masked

Temperament 8.5

PYMA Biggie Smalls

Black Self Velveteen Dwarf Dumbo

(carries Mink, possibly AB)

Temperament 4

PYMA Severus

Black Self Silvermane

(carries RB, Dumbo)

Temperament 9.5

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