Pyma Rattery

Formerly Pymatuning Valley Rattery. 15 years experience.

Honey x Alaric

Honey had 14 babies on October 25, 2013.

We have 8 girls and 6 boys.

Colors include: Russian Blue, Russian Blue Agouti, Russian Fawn, Russian Beige, and Triple Dilute. We have Velveteen and Standard coats and markings ranging from Self to Masked, in both Dumbo and Standard ears.

Babies will be available to go home the first week of December. 

Reservations are being taken now in order of the waiting list. There may be a couple of babies available in standard ear, so contact me if you may be interested.


PYMA Ghost (M)

Triple Dilute Velveteen 


PYMA Oxygen (M)

Russian Fawn Berkshire


PYMA 40 Hours (M)

Russian Blue Agouti Berk (with faint headspot) 

Staying at PYMA

PYMA Damaged (M)

Russian Blue Agouti Berk Velveteen Headspot

Adopted by Jackie

PYMA Sorry So Sorry (M)

Russian Blue Masked Dalmatian Dumbo

Adopted by Jackie

PYMA Be There (M)

Russian Blue Split Capped Dumbo

Staying at PYMA

PYMA Numbness For Sound (F)

Russian Blue Agouti Self Dumbo Velveteen


PYMA Collide (F)

Russian Fawn Masked Velveteen Dumbo


PYMA Longest Night

Russian Blue Berkshire Headspot Velveteen 

Adopted by Jackie

PYMA Postcard From Mars (F)

Russian Beige Self

Adopted by Chuck and Justin

PYMA Perfect Time of Day (F)

Russian Fawn  Berkshire

Reserved for Brandy
Adopted by Gina & Family

PYMA Brace Yourself (F)

Russian Blue Self Velveteen

Reserved for Brandy

Adopted by Gina & Family

PYMA She Says (F)

Russian Blue Agouti Berkshire Velveteen

Adopted by Crystal

PYMA Sunday Morning Song (F)

Russian Blue Berkshire Headspot

Adopted by Chuck and Justin

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