Pyma Rattery

Formerly Pymatuning Valley Rattery. 15 years experience.

PYMA Pompeii & PYMA Artie: "Neil Young" litter

DOB: December 14, 2014

Goal: This litter was a linebreeding (a long time coming) to bring back the rex in the line and try to breed out some of the goofy looking dumbo ears. I am also trying to breed out some of the markings and keep selecting the largest and most well conformed babies in the litter. I could not be more pleased with how the babies are developing. They have nice heads and I am happy with the three I have kept for future breeding plans.

When PYMA Selene had to be put to sleep because of labor complications, we lost the entire litter. It was a devastating time for me. It was the first time I ever lost a female due to breeding issues. She was one of my all-time favorite rats. I was very selective of who I bred, because with the death of Selene and with America being a bit too far past breeding age, I was standing to lose some key traits in my American Blue line and chose to pair Pompeii with Radio. Radio got super stressed out during the introductions, but I kept at it. He ended up starting to show repsiratory issues from the stress (he did NOT like miss Pom, perhaps he prefers the single life) and I immediately ceased to try to breed them. After giving Pom a few weeks rest, Radio recovered and became his healthy self yet again. Instead of trying to breed them again, I chose to breed Pom to Radio's step-brother, the much older and more distinguished Arthur. Arthur is a very healthy boy, and got the job done quickly and without fuss. While this pairing was not my first choice, I am happy with the results. My original choice was due to some of the work I had already done in the line. Going back to Arthur was actually going back a few generations of work, but it was effective as a line-breeding and really did help the ear situation. I am pleased :) Radio is pleased he didn't have to do that dating business, and Arthur is pleased he DID get to woo a lady! All is well in the world.


PYMA Southern Man
Agouti Patched Dumbo
Home with Edward and Diane

PYMA Like a Hurricane
American Blue Berkshire Head Spot

PYMA Cortez
Agouti Self Rex Dumbo
Home with Edward and Diane

PYMA Harvest Moon
Agouti Mismark Patched Rex Dumbo
Home with Edward and Diane

PYMA Eldorado
Black Varieberk Dumbo
Home with Edward and Diane

PYMA Fontainebleau
American Blue Capped Rex Dumbo


PYMA Heart of Gold
Agouti Variegated Rex Dumbo
Home with Carolyn and Family

PYMA Cinnamon Girl
American Blue Agouti Berkshire Rex Dumbo Head Spot

PYMA Tumbleweed
Black Berkshire Rex Dumbo
Home with Carolyn and Family

PYMA Down By The River
Agouti Self Rex Dumbo
Home with Jackie & Family (Retained Breeding Rights)

The award for nicest babies in the litter (taking into account type, size, and temperament) goes to: Fontainebleau for males, and Heart of Gold for the girls. This was a tough call because for boys, we have the big, the robust, and the beautiful Cortez in the running. Fontainebleau won out because of his ears (which I have been working on in the line) and Hurricane came in a close third place. He would have taken first place for size and temperament, except that Cortez was the cutest most sleepiest baby in the world :) 

For females it was a bit of a tight run. It is hard to choose, but the temperament on Heart of Gold won out. I would have kept her myself, except that her markings are not what I want in this line. River has excellent type, but was a little on the small side, as is Cinnamon Girl. Cinnamon Girl has a nice overall body type but she's not where I want her to be in size, so we will evaluate her as she develops. Her head is developing NICELY and is one of the reasons I chose her to continue the line.

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