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Shipping Rats 

~Shipping Rats is expensive, time consuming, and stressful. Please be understanding of this when inquiring.~

If you asked me if I ship prior to the year 2017, you probably heard a resounding "no." Or at the very least, a curt "I do not ship." Please be aware that though I am offering shipping starting in 2017, it will be with many restrictions and on a very case-by-case basis. Fact is, it is just too expensive to be feasible for most people and quite frankly it doesn't make sense in many situations. If you are wanting a lot of rats at once (it's not worth shipping just a few rats) and don't mind paying the fees, that's a different story. If you want to split a shipment with other people in your area, that would work out well. Otherwise, shipping is almost exclusively offered for serious breeders looking to bring in new varieties or rats they desperately need to advance their lines.

  • Shipping is expensive. Like, really expensive. Airline fees alone are approximately $200-$260. That does not include adoption fees, cost of shipping containers, or health certificates. I am no expert and I don't handle stress well, so you will also be compensating me for my time and effort. The nearest airports to me are Cleveland (an hour and a half drive) or Akron (two and a half hour drive). My costs to ship rats will stack up quickly. 

  • I will not reduce fees on the adoption of rats to breeders who are shipping just because they are spending a lot of money. Same goes for pet-only adopters, except in the case of the $5 discount per pair.

  • I do not always have the number of rats needed/desired for a shipment available. This may mean rats will be held by me for weeks or months at a time, and may not arrive to the new owner as "babies".

  • I will only ship rats during spring and fall, due to heat and cold. No exceptions. I will not ship to Texas. Flights must not have layovers.

  • Rats will only be shipped via United PetSafe. The cost is $189 for under 10 pounds, and $259 for 10-50 pounds for rats shipped within the U.S. or to Canada. This does not include any extra fees the airline may charge for fuel, etc.

  • Rats must be paid for, in full, at the time of reservation if intending to ship them. Half of those fees, like the traditional deposit, are nonrefundable if the shipment falls through for any reason.

  • Shipping containers must be paid for or shipped to me NO LATER THAN one month prior to the planned shipment. The sooner the better. I prefer to use Taconic shipping containers. The number of rats that can fit in each container is dependent upon their size. You will need to provide the proper number of containers. I will not crowd rats in containers.

  • If shipping to Canada, it is a good idea to include health certificates. I can usually get a discount from my vet if I do a large group of rats at once. This would be another fee dependent upon number of rats and what my veterinarian is willing to work out. Health Certs are not required to ship to Canada, but a lot of times no matter where the rats are going the airlines will try to insist that they require health certificates or rabies shots (when rats don't even get rabies shots), so to avoid a hassle, if shipping internationally, it's a good idea to have them to prevent any delays at customs.

  • I require a nonrefundable fee of $75 to cover my time and expenses. This fee may be adjusted higher or lower depending on the length of time the rats are staying and which airpot I am traveling to. This must be paid up front upon reserving rats and agreeing to shipment. I will ONLY refund this fee if the shipment falls through due to my inability to follow through. No exceptions.

  • If rats are held for longer than three months, a $5 fee per rat per month will be applied. This must be paid before shipment. I may waive this fee at my discretion if there are unforeseen circumstances on my end or I have not produced the number of rats I agreed to produce from the onset.

  • A breeder is welcome to make "requests" as to what rats they desire. I may accommodate them at my discretion, but otherwise, the planned litters are a good guide to follow. If I do decide to make accommodations, I expect a deposit. The last thing I want is to be left with an entire litter of rats and no homes for them.

  • I will provide aspen bedding (lightweight) and/or shredded paper in shipping containers, along with grapes (for hydration) and other snacks. The rats will not have water for the trip, so it's a good idea to provide hydration. I can provide hydro gels for a small fee.

  • Rats will be treated with Revolution a week or so prior to shipment. I will not ship rats who are not healthy. Shipping is stressful and only the best may go. I will not ship rats under 8 weeks of age. Dwarf rats may need held longer.

  • You will sign a release form and assume all responsibility for the rats the minute they are released to the care of the airline. I will not be held responsible for any problems that arise from that point forward unless they were foreseeable issues I could have reasonably prevented. YOU are responsible for understanding the requirements for shipment just as well if not better than me so that there are no hiccups when you go to pick your rats up.

  • Depending on the length of the flight the rats may be dirty or stinky. More often than not they will be a little stressed. You should be prepared to open the shipment as soon as you receive it. Check on the rats, provide water, and move the rats to clean and more airy/open transport cages for the remainder of the trip to reduce strain.


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